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Founded in 1987, Intown Electrical Services of Atlanta, Georgia is committed to superior craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Intown Electrical Services performs a full range of residential and commercial electrical projects, including service upgrades, solar design and install, as well as minor repairs and specialty jobs. Many of our jobs are obtained through personal referrals from satisfied customers. We assign master licensed electricians, who have passed rigorous state examination, to supervise all Intown Electrical Services jobs. 

Our employees have extensive apprenticeship and journeyman training. Intown Electrical Services sends its employees to training seminars to keep up with the ever-changing requirements, methods, and technologies in the electrical field. Intown Electrical Services provides detail-oriented customer service and will help you complete your project on time. We coordinate with other trades to ensure that the customer's electrical needs are met on a timely basis. 

Your project will be installed according to national electrical code and will pass inspection required by local authorities. All of our work is guaranteed through the inspection process and the completion phase with customer satisfaction. The company maintains general liability insurance and offers guaranteed contracts. Intown Electrical Services will also work with customers or their architects during planning and design stages to translate ideas into electrical drawings, including suggestions for future expansion.

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